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From Merch to Digital Collectibles

In Digital Collectibles, Industry by Live Bash

Once upon a time, showing your fan love meant stacking up on physical merch. T-shirts that shouted your favorite band’s name, posters that adorned your walls, and those precious vinyl records – they were all badges of honor. They still are, but hey, times are changing, and so is the way we connect with our favorite tunes and artists. Enter …

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Revolutionizing Music Industry Revenue Sharing

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In today’s digital age, Music Industry Revenue Sharing has become a critical topic, especially as live streaming reshapes how we experience music. Live Bash is not just embracing this change; we’re leading it by prioritizing artist empowerment. Our unique approach? Offering artists a groundbreaking 80% of profits, a major shift from the traditional cuts in the music industry. A New …

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What are Digital Collectibles?

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Live Bash is redefining the connection between live performances and technology with “Digital Collectibles in Entertainment.” We’re pioneering the use of blockchain to enhance fan-artist interactions. What Are Digital Collectibles? Digital collectibles are unique, blockchain-verified assets, ranging from live performance recordings to unique digital art. They provide fans with a new form of memorabilia, combining authenticity and exclusivity. These collectibles …

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How Blockchain Revolutionizes Live Entertainment at Live Bash

In Blockchain, Digital Collectibles, Industry by Bree Pear

Hey music lovers, comedy fanatics, tech enthusiasts, and anyone who craves a front-row seat to the future of live shows – gather ’round! We’re Live Bash, and we’re not just shaking things up in the entertainment industry, we’re setting the whole stage on fire (metaphorically, of course – safety first!). But how? Buckle up, because we’re about to drop some …

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The Web3 We Weave

In Industry by Bree Pear

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, back to the days of ‘You’ve Got Mail’ and Britney Spears tunes. I’m a millennial who grew up alongside the internet, witnessing its evolution from a research resource to a social media powerhouse. I transitioned from AOL dial-up to phrases like “Google it” and “Tweet about it.” But when it comes to Web3, …

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Not Your Average Show Merch

In Blog by Bree Pear

Think back to the most unforgettable live show you’ve ever experienced. Close your eyes for a moment and let the memories envelop you – the pulsating energy, the melodies, the crowd’s roar, and the cherished concert tee tucked away in your closet. Whether it was belting out N’sync tunes, feeling connected during a special song, or diving into the exhilarating …

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The Case for Doing It Live (edited)

In Blog by Jonny Levin

The platform you’re reading this on, allows for published stories to be edited. Meaning this piece could look completely different when you refresh the page and there would be nothing to indicate that the content had been changed in any way. Let’s say I wrote a 10,000 word treatise on how Honeycrisp is the best kind of apple. You click …

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Talk Ducky To Me

In Blog by Cole Sosnoff

There is one thing you will always find on my desk: a yellow rubber ducky. When I was at NYU pursuing a BFA in Film & TV, I foolishly attempted to double major in Computer Science. Even though I ultimately decided to downgrade CompSci to a minor in my senior year because I didn’t want to take calculus, I ended …

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Redefining Failure

In Blog by Eduardo Rihan

Since graduating college and joining Live Bash I’ve been forced to rethink my relationship to failure. I majored in mathematics where much of my success was predicated on my ability to answer questions correctly. There are many ways to arrive at a solution, but ultimately, right is right, and wrong is wrong. Thus, I was made to feel like an …