logistics team helping a speaker on stage

Balancing Creativity and Logistics in Live Entertainment

In Industry by Cole Sosnoff

logistics team helping a speaker on stage

In my days in the restaurant industry, I came to appreciate the vital role of the Expediter – the orchestrator responsible for the rhythm and flow of every dish served. Their skillfulness ensures that a symphony of plates gracefully reaches each table throughout the restaurant. It becomes a subconscious part of your dining experience.

At Live Bash, we find a parallel in this role. Albeit with our venues, or when partnering for a livestream event, precise timing and execution behind the scenes is critical to success when talking about Creativity and Logistics in Entertainment.

The world of live entertainment hinges on a delicate balance between the creative flair of the performers and the logistical precision in the background. Creativity is the heart of our industry, fueling the passion and innovation that makes each event unique. But without the logistical spine supporting it – the planning, the technical setups, the meticulous attention to detail – the heart can’t beat.

Our approach at Live Bash is to create an immersive experience where creativity and logistics blend seamlessly. Three approaches help us achieve this.

1. Open Communication Channels

Keeping lines of communication open between the creative team and logistic managers ensures a unified vision and flawless execution. To start the project, we often overcommunicate to understand the tendencies and preferences of the client. As we learn more about how they operate, it allows us to execute efficiently and effectively during production. Once the event concludes, we all reconvene on how to improve the experience. Those lessons help us grow for our next production by ensuring Creativity and Logistics in Entertainment is rooted in communication.

2. Prioritizing the Audience Experience

We are customer-obsessed, and so are the performers. Ultimately this is for the fan’s enjoyment. Therefore we incorporate as much design thinking as possible. The “how” behind every decision, from budgeting to tech adoption to production setup, is centered around enhancing the audience’s experience. If we were in their shoes, how would we like this to unfold?

3. Leveraging Our Technology

Our streaming platform gives performers options on how they want to deliver content to their fans. This allows for one less thing they have to worry about. For a smooth customer experience, we provide direct event access through a descriptive, custom link. If performers opt not to have a paywall, we enable viewers to purchase a digital copy of the performance for ongoing support and the convenience of rewatching. In a more literal sense, our facilities and staff are equipped with high-tech audio and video gear to ensure top-notch production quality.

Our dedication to open communication, the audience experience, and technological innovation ensures each event not only entertains the viewer but also leaves a good taste in their mouth. Just like that favorite dish at a restaurant.


Cole Sosnoff

Strategic Ops