We're Revolutionizing... Everything
Live Bash Is Building Stages For Livestream Performances

Our website utilizes zeitgeisty innovative technology buzzwords alongside nondescript business jargon to never tell you exactly what we’re doing.
Live Bash welcomes everyone to book stage time and perform at one of our venues.

What We Do

We're democratizing access to state-of-the-art venues by empowering performers to participate in the web 3.0 creator economy thereby fundamentally shifting the paradigm through reimagining fan engagement by building innovative proprietary technology that radically alters consumer content consumption habits and creates new opportunities for all, therefore ushering in a new non-fungible era.
We broadcast a Livestream from our venues where digital collectibles of your performance can be purchased by your fans.

Who We Are

We’re just like you: strivers, go-getters, & out-of-the-box thinkers who break down said boxes, wrap them in twine and recycle them in the blue bin. We believe in no days off and unlimited vacation days. But, most importantly, our core values are Support, Transparency, Reliability, and Innovation -- which are totally unique and specific to us.

Live Bash is an entertainment technology company founded and funded by some of Chicago’s most successful entrepreneurs who believe booking stages and making money from shows should be simpler for performers.

Our first stage is launching in Chicago in 2022, followed by Los Angeles soon after.