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Balancing Creativity and Logistics in Live Entertainment

In Industry by Cole Sosnoff

In my days in the restaurant industry, I came to appreciate the vital role of the Expediter – the orchestrator responsible for the rhythm and flow of every dish served. Their skillfulness ensures that a symphony of plates gracefully reaches each table throughout the restaurant. It becomes a subconscious part of your dining experience. At Live Bash, we find a …

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Navigating the World of Blockchain in Entertainment with Live Bash

In Digital Collectibles, Industry by Cole Sosnoff

The other day I was watching a movie called Sneakers. I didn’t know anything about the flick, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Being careful not to spoil too much (because I think it warrants a watch), the plot involves a decoder capable of accessing any global database by using cryptography. Just hearing “crypto” makes me think about blockchains. My tangential …

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Talk Ducky To Me

In Blog by Cole Sosnoff

There is one thing you will always find on my desk: a yellow rubber ducky. When I was at NYU pursuing a BFA in Film & TV, I foolishly attempted to double major in Computer Science. Even though I ultimately decided to downgrade CompSci to a minor in my senior year because I didn’t want to take calculus, I ended …