Navigating the World of Blockchain in Entertainment with Live Bash

In Digital Collectibles, Industry by Cole Sosnoff

The other day I was watching a movie called Sneakers. I didn’t know anything about the flick, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Being careful not to spoil too much (because I think it warrants a watch), the plot involves a decoder capable of accessing any global database by using cryptography. Just hearing “crypto” makes me think about blockchains. My tangential brain then started thinking about movies with blockchain plot lines, which, of course, resulted in my mind obsessing about the intersection of entertainment and blockchain. And folks, the light is about to turn green.

Blockchain in entertainment obviously goes beyond cryptocurrency. It’s about creating a transparent, secure, and decentralized framework that changes how content is distributed and monetized. The inherent nature of a blockchain brings trust into transactions, which is critical for mainstream adoption of emerging technology – especially in entertainment. 

However, most importantly, at Live Bash we understand that the heart of entertainment is its creators and consumers (fans). That’s why we’ve created our own proprietary blockchain to power platforms to serve both. 

For artists

Blockchain is a tool for them to regain control. It enables them to have greater authority over their work, from creation to distribution. But it also creates a system with fairer economics for all the players involved.

For fans

Blockchain is a portal to a more immersive and interactive experience. Live Bash leverages our blockchain to offer unique digital collectibles – think of them as modern-day, digital trading cards or exclusive merchandise. These collectibles serve as a connection between the artist and the audience, making the fan experience more engaging and personal. This isn’t just a new form of merchandise; it’s an entirely new way to experience fandom.

Okay okay okay, so you get it.

blockchain + digital collectibles + artists + fans = The Future

But where does Live Bash fit into this?

We’re not just adopting blockchain; we’re innovating with it. We’re constantly exploring new ways to integrate this technology that benefit artists and fans. But our blockchain is very nimble and modular. It allows us to test new features to integrate products in more familiar ways. This helps ease the transition to Web3, and creates revenue models better for everyone. From ticketing to digital collectibles, our goal is to make the entertainment experience more enriching, rewarding, and accessible.

Blockchain in entertainment is not just a technological upgrade; it’s a cultural shift. At Live Bash, we’re excited to be part of this change, leading the way in empowering artists and engaging audiences like never before. The future of entertainment is here, and it’s on the blockchain.


Cole Sosnoff

Strategic Ops