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Navigating the World of Blockchain in Entertainment with Live Bash

In Digital Collectibles, Industry by Cole Sosnoff

The other day I was watching a movie called Sneakers. I didn’t know anything about the flick, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Being careful not to spoil too much (because I think it warrants a watch), the plot involves a decoder capable of accessing any global database by using cryptography. Just hearing “crypto” makes me think about blockchains. My tangential …

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From Merch to Digital Collectibles

In Digital Collectibles, Industry by Live Bash

Once upon a time, showing your fan love meant stacking up on physical merch. T-shirts that shouted your favorite band’s name, posters that adorned your walls, and those precious vinyl records – they were all badges of honor. They still are, but hey, times are changing, and so is the way we connect with our favorite tunes and artists. Enter …

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Revolutionizing Music Industry Revenue Sharing

In Industry by Live BashLeave a Comment

In today’s digital age, Music Industry Revenue Sharing has become a critical topic, especially as live streaming reshapes how we experience music. Live Bash is not just embracing this change; we’re leading it by prioritizing artist empowerment. Our unique approach? Offering artists a groundbreaking 80% of profits, a major shift from the traditional cuts in the music industry. A New …

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What are Digital Collectibles?

In Digital Collectibles, Industry by Live BashLeave a Comment

Live Bash is redefining the connection between live performances and technology with “Digital Collectibles in Entertainment.” We’re pioneering the use of blockchain to enhance fan-artist interactions. What Are Digital Collectibles? Digital collectibles are unique, blockchain-verified assets, ranging from live performance recordings to unique digital art. They provide fans with a new form of memorabilia, combining authenticity and exclusivity. These collectibles …

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The Web3 We Weave

In Industry by Bree Pear

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, back to the days of ‘You’ve Got Mail’ and Britney Spears tunes. I’m a millennial who grew up alongside the internet, witnessing its evolution from a research resource to a social media powerhouse. I transitioned from AOL dial-up to phrases like “Google it” and “Tweet about it.” But when it comes to Web3, …

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Not Your Average Show Merch

In Blog by Bree Pear

Think back to the most unforgettable live show you’ve ever experienced. Close your eyes for a moment and let the memories envelop you – the pulsating energy, the melodies, the crowd’s roar, and the cherished concert tee tucked away in your closet. Whether it was belting out N’sync tunes, feeling connected during a special song, or diving into the exhilarating …