Broadcast Audio Engineer

Los Angeles, CA

We are in the process of opening up a new stage in Los Angeles  and are looking for local crew workers to call upon when the need arises. These gigs have the potential to fall on nights and weekends. Live Bash operates in a fast-paced, live-broadcast environment so the ability to think on your feet is a must. 

We are looking for Broadcast Audio Engineers to run the audio end of our operation within a pre-built framework.

As the intermediary between performers and our virtual audience, the Broadcast Audio Engineer should possess an excellent understanding of live sound. This includes knowledge of commonly-used

  • audio sources (instruments, vocals, processors), 
  • capture devices (dynamic mics, condenser mics, DI boxes) 
  • processing tools (EQ, compression, gating, reverb, delay)
  • playback methods (amplifiers, speakers, headphones)

Responsibilities for the Broadcast Audio Engineer include:

  • Creating I/O patch sheets, based on artist intake forms.
  • Constructing a balanced broadcast mix that consistently stays within streaming loudness standards (-14LUFS.)
  • Digital console (Allen & Heath SQ5) signal routing - sending aux and matrix mixes to the video department and throughout the building. 
  • On smaller shoots where no A2 Engineer is present, creating and managing performer monitor mixes.
  • On smaller shoots where no A2 Engineer is present, setting up a simple FOH mix for studio guests.
  • Operating and troubleshooting a limited number of wireless microphones. [Shure QLX-D.] 
  • Communicating effectively with the A2 Engineer and Production Manager during rehearsals and live broadcast.
  • Learning and executing Live Bash strike protocols.

This position will be contracted on a freelance basis, at a rate of $45/hr

Live Bash in an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin.

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