Empowering Artists in the Digital Age: Live Bash’s Mission

In Blog, Industry by Kristin Patterson

Hi!  KP here, I’m the CEO at Live Bash where our mission is to help artists find new ways to connect with fans.  

Before I joined Live Bash, I spent 15 years in big tech at companies such as Google, Pinterest, and TikTok.  These digital platforms are amazing for organizing and distributing content, but an unintended consequence of our modern digital tools is that artists have a harder time than ever getting paid fairly for their work.   Live Bash is here to change that – in fact, we believe digital technology should be the catalyst for supporting artists and content creators, not the detriment.  

At Live Bash, we believe that every artist, regardless of size or popularity, should have access to the physical and digital tools to connect with fans and make money.  And we’re bringing this vision to life in a few ways. 

shadow of an artist walking on a live bash stagePhysical Stages

First, Live Bash has 2 iconic stages, one in Chicago and one in LA.  Any artist of any size or genre can book our stages – they’re perfect for producing a polished video, launching a new album for your VIP fans, or hosting a movie release party.   At Live Bash, the stage is truly yours.  In 2023, we fostered creative freedom for performers of all types, from independent musicians to large corporate brands, to (one of my personal favorites) a non-profit premiering a charitable doggy fashion show.  

Digital Venuesdigital venue ticketing page for The Jinkx & DeLa Holiday Show

But Live Bash is far more than a stage – at Live Bash we’re connecting talent to the latest in digital technology.  Our stages are equipped with state-of-the-art audio & video capabilities that enable high-quality content creation backed by a fully staffed production team.   One of the most important assets everyone walks away from our stages with is a beautifully produced video that can be used to continue to build their business and brand.  But even if you’re not on our stage, our livestreaming and ticketing technology can be used for events anywhere, bringing the accessibility of any live event to fans and customers globally. 

4 digital collectibles that are red and stacked on top of one another Digital Collectibles

In addition to our production, livestreaming, & ticketing capabilities, Live Bash is a pioneer in the web3 space, giving artists the opportunity to create digital collectibles for their fans easily.   What’s a digital collectible?   It’s a piece of content minted on our blockchain that artists can monetize and fans can own, free from the constraints of middlemen.  Fans love owning collectibles because they allow them to revisit shows and experiences while knowing the majority of the money they spend buying these collectibles goes directly to the artist with no middlemen.  Fans also love digital collectibles because they are truly limited editions and may increase in value over time. We believe this digital ownership model is just the beginning of a new era of empowered artists and reimagined fan relationships.  

Whether you’re a musician, a fan, a comedian, a brand, a poet, a dancer, or an artist of any kind, Live Bash is here to create new connections.  And while we’re so happy about our progress to date, in many ways it feels like our show is just beginning.   Thank you for being part of our journey. 


Kristin Patterson “KP”