Hannah Got Raps

Chicago-born rapper, producer, and songwriter Hannah Got Raps brings a soulful touch with her fresh flow and unique rhymes. This rising star honed her craft on the East Side before taking LA by storm, collaborating with the likes of Kota The Friend and rocking stages alongside legends like Common and Twista. 

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Unleash the genre-bending fury of SUNVOLUME! Hailing from Illinois, this band throws down a mix of hip-hop, rock, and electronica, creating a sound both "moody" and "electrifying."  Their live shows push boundaries, leaving critics speechless.  Witness the future of rock at Live Bash's #ArtistsOnTheRise!

AuD Whitson

Singer-songwriter Aud Whitson brings her ethereal melodies and heartfelt lyrics to Live Bash's #ArtistsOnTheRise series. Hailing from the Midwest, Aud pours her soul into every song, and her upcoming performance promises a beautiful set centered around her new single, "Love Song."

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Carnivore Mommy

Get ready for a twisted lullaby! Chicago's Carnivore Mommy dishes up a chilling blend of emo theatrics and hardcore screams, served with a side of danceable beats. This isn't your mommy's music (tell yours we said hi!), it's a deliciously dark party for "lil freak boys" who crave something different. 

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Marina City

Catch the electrifying indie rock force, Marina City as part of our #ArtistsOnTheRise series!  This band's been making noise since 2019, selling out shows and rocking alongside Judah & the Lion and COIN.  Their critically-acclaimed EP, "The Crush," landed them national radio play and MTV licensing. 

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