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The Show Must Go On, On Time

In Blog by Jonny Levin

In 2007, Kanye West rapped the immortal words ‘You should be honored by my lateness. That I would even show up to this fake shit.’ Four years later I was at Madison Square Garden waiting for Kanye and Jay-Z to take the stage. It had been nearly two hours past when they were supposed to go on and I was …

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Balancing Creativity and Logistics in Live Entertainment

In Industry by Cole Sosnoff

In my days in the restaurant industry, I came to appreciate the vital role of the Expediter – the orchestrator responsible for the rhythm and flow of every dish served. Their skillfulness ensures that a symphony of plates gracefully reaches each table throughout the restaurant. It becomes a subconscious part of your dining experience. At Live Bash, we find a …

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From Merch to Digital Collectibles

In Digital Collectibles, Industry by Live Bash

Once upon a time, showing your fan love meant stacking up on physical merch. T-shirts that shouted your favorite band’s name, posters that adorned your walls, and those precious vinyl records – they were all badges of honor. They still are, but hey, times are changing, and so is the way we connect with our favorite tunes and artists. Enter …