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Navigating the Tech Industry as a Female CEO

In Blog by Kristin Patterson

Our Head of Marketing suggested that I write a post on being a woman tech leader for Women’s History Month. My knee-jerk reaction was to list excuses about why I would not.   We should focus our content on the business.  We need business.    I’m in back-to-back meetings all week.   A more important fire drill popped up.   But the *real* excuses …

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Empowering Artists in the Digital Age: Live Bash’s Mission

In Blog, Industry by Kristin Patterson

Hi!  KP here, I’m the CEO at Live Bash where our mission is to help artists find new ways to connect with fans.   Before I joined Live Bash, I spent 15 years in big tech at companies such as Google, Pinterest, and TikTok.  These digital platforms are amazing for organizing and distributing content, but an unintended consequence of our modern …