Thursday, April 21, 2022

Entertainment Tech Start Up Live Bash Inc. Debuts with $21 Million Capital Raise From Oversubscribed Initial Funding Round

Live Bash First to Launch High-Tech Turnkey Stages that Transform Livestream Performances into a Non-Traditional Digital Asset Class Benefiting Performers, Fans, and Speculators

Chicago, IL — Live Bash Inc., an entertainment technology startup, has completed a seed capital raise of $21 million from successful fintech pioneers.

Live Bash’s ecosystem revolves around three core components: physical stages for performers, powerful software using blockchain technology, and a middleware engine that supports non-traditional asset classes and provides liquidity.

Content created on a Live Bash stage is showcased on the company’s software while its blockchain and smart contracts are optimized to seamlessly convert live performances into digital collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Additionally, performers can easily restream to their own distribution channels.

Live Bash is building technology to support performers and engage viewers. Viewers can purchase segments of performances that are minted on their blockchain with no gas fees. The digital collectibles give artists the opportunity to immediately realize earnings from their performances. Fans and speculators can buy, hold, trade, and share these segments as digital collectibles or NFTs. Live Bash has designed an affordable model so that any artist can rent one of their stages. Live Bash’s blockchain technology allows artists to livestream and mint their performances simply by pushing a button while onstage.

“Imagine a spectacular stage available to anyone who wants to wow the world. We’re the technology company that’s behind the curtain, capitalizing on the power of blockchain to cut through the red tape and make this happen, securely,” said John Hart, Live Bash CEO and technology veteran. “On a Live Bash stage, artists livestream their performances and their fans show their support by purchasing their favorite parts of the show instantly, which -- unlike videos recorded on your phone -- may increase in value over time.”

Reserving a Live Bash Stage

Individual artists, performers and performing groups – i.e., actors, musicians, comedians, magicians, interviewers, dancers, storytellers, presenters, and others - reserve time on a Live Bash stage using the company’s online direct-to-venue booking site, bypassing traditional gatekeepers.

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Live Bash will open its first venue to performers in Chicago, Illinois, later this year. Additional stages in Los Angeles, California, and Nashville, Tennessee, will be available for booking in early 2023. Live Bash is currently scouting locations for its first stage outside the United States.

“We are passionate about providing performers and fans alike with fairer economics, great experiences, and the opportunity to create non-traditional portfolios,” said Hart. “We’re designing incredible ghost stages around the world supported by emerging digital technology and amazing software.”

About Live Bash

Live Bash is a Chicago-based entertainment technology startup, founded and funded by successful fintech entrepreneurs, trading experts, and award-winning performers who believe booking professional stages and integrating new technology should be simpler. The company will offer physical, fully equipped performance spaces in major cities across the globe that utilize proprietary blockchain technology to help everyone digitize performances and build portfolios of digital assets. To learn about venue openings and other company milestones, email or visit

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